Semi Stretched Must

A Semi Stretched Must is good way to describe this board 

Formula Energy Must Surfboard The Must generally gets ordered as smaller wave addition to the quiver . Its available in all technologies , Carbon rails USC series and the DCD Carbon deck lay up and the traditional Premium model

Formula Energy Must Surfboard

This one is 6'4 by 19 5/8 by 2 9/16th Volume is (32.37litres). Semi stretched outline , its a custom designed to cover a vast type of waves , you might find travelling around Australia . 

Formula Energy Surfboard Must

Its super user friendly , all rounder performance model that you can ride as quad or thruster. It can still cut it in small waves. the Must has the characteristics of a performance model modern outline with slightly more width through the nose and a nice balance through the engine room then down into the round tail with a similar outline to the Blend , which has been very popular step down performance model.