Fresh Fish

Check out the newest edition to the range ,although its based of an old school design ! The Fresh Fish is available to order . Read below to get a better understanding of how we took an old design and made it better and easier to ride and most importantly fun !

Or watch the video explaining this board in detail .

Its amazing how much these style of boards have made such a resurgence over the last decade or so. But when you think of it and look at the amount of foam you can squeeze into these shorter plan-shapes it easy to see why . For example between 5'8 to 5'10 you can pack in between 33 to 36 litres , if  you go the recommended widths with a nice rail thickness.

After all foam is your friend and a traditional fish offers a lot more volume/ litres !

 The featured board has glass on Black keels made by Soar Fins .We recommend ordering Futures or FCS fin system but are more than happy to do Glass on or "fixed fins", contact us direct for more details on that .

Artwork is a Resin Tint in Burnt Orange , all the same colour . The 3/4 deck patch darkens the pigment or tint and we also added a 1/4 patch on the bottom near the fins . The cut lap also contrasts against the deck insert which is functional as well looks good 

The design of the board features, a traditional straighter outline and flattish deck line with added foam which give you an added advantage when paddling .The boxy rails keeps that old school feel,  but are a nice blend of traditional and what works best with this style of board .

The Rocker is flat and of course designed for instant and effortless speed and glide. The wider tail pod allows you to plant your back foot, thats how you will get the most out this surfboard you want your back foot over the twin fin cluster , for better turns and speed control . Surf smooth,loose and fast !

Order the FRESH FISH here.