Something Fresh

The thing about surfboards is the evolving nature of design . Taking a good surfboard with proven rockers and outlines etc and trying to improve them is challenging , incredibly rewarding when you nail a board that goes exactly how you first imagined it would but actually ride and feel and see it do what it was designed to do !

Here is a board designed for fun smaller style waves that I have been working on since last year . Its single flyer squash tail , with low boxy rail . Reality it takes me one to two years before I release it as a stand alone model .  Testing it refining it letting team riders give solid feedback are all part of journey in making the best surfboard possible !

In theory fast and loose thruster , to be tested which dna is based of the Blend model refined and changed to bring something new and exciting to update the quiver with . I have one of these in stock and you can buy it now right here .