Step Down Prototype

The Surfboard Fish movement came out of left field but now is here to stay . With alternate craft not so alternate anymore . In fact depending where you surf the standard squash tail thruster can be rare to spot in the line-up

Even in solid waves , really good surfers can make an usual surfboard work which was thought as impossible nearly a decade ago.

One of the best known board building companies in the world , made a statement that although the alternate craft are great and brought a lot to surfing and shaping . And expanding everybody's quivers . 

Essentially all flat rocker board ie: "fishes" go "good" , the flatter rocker generates speed to burn , lots of speed feels good when gliding across a wave face .

The more rocker you add the more the board needs curve in the wave to work. It's how the rocker reacts when you turn or "break the line" , that truly is the art of surfboard design . Understanding that at a high performance level then transferring that knowledge to all types of surfboards whether it be fishes or hybrids is essential to develop a good surfboard .

With that mind set , the quest to build a "Step Down" with characteristic of a small wave performance board we came up with this !

This boards DNA is in the fact the Savage model , but we widened the plan shape , made the rocker flatter , kept a reasonable performance rails , introduced a swallow tail shape .

Its still in testing stage but its designed to be ridden very short , in small waves . We will let you know , if its a keeper...

Stay tuned , but it looks like a "keeper" !

The artwork we added to the tail , as a "tail patch" using a print , then framed the print in high quality carbon , the multi directional version , its the best carbon on the market , same stuff Nasa uses when sending there rocket ships into space ! Adding a bit of extra strength to the tail area of the board.