Summer All Rounder

Looking for a short board that has the dna performance of a modern shortboard but the "fish" like qualities which makes surfing fun and easy !

Then the Blend ticks all those boxes ! Available in both constructions, the Premium Range and the USC Parabolic Carbon Rails model .

 This traditional short board has the outline of a modern performance style pointy nose surfboard , but with extra width in the nose and tail pods and flatter rocker. Medium to Low style rail volume . These forgiving attributes makes this the perfect addition to the quiver for guys that want a step down to grovel with but do not want to ride a fat fish !

What you have is instant speed with a surfboard that works from really bad waves but will handle in good surf as well .

Great travel board when heading to perhaps off-season destinations and looking at waves in the 2ft to 4ft range ..

More information and videos check it out here for the Premium model from $695 or

check out the USC Parabolic Carbon rail model here !

The artwork and more designs have a look here .