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Formula Energy Surfboards we try to innovate whether it be eco inspired or this new Spiral V Bottom shape Venturi Effect channel bottom , good looking surfboard fast responsive lively and long lasting. Introducing the "Spiral" read on, if you dig the finer details in surfboards and looking for a little edginess to add to the quiver !

The Board is a Small Wave Hi Performance Fish. Extremely fast and loose with a lot of projection and drive in junky surf and doesn't mind a clean face as well. Read on to learn more about our "new" favourite !

The Planshape is a slightly wider nose wide for plenty of paddle power and planing speed. Single Flyers , to allow a bit of extra spice pivot point. The Diamond tail " the forgotten tail shape" is a "frickin" gem , looks dam fine and allows that little bit of hold and lot of "spray" blasting towards the heavens !

The rocker we kept overall "flat entry" with a little tail kick but its a versatile curve , user friendly . Now the bottom shape is involving .Single into double concave then under the back foot we added a "Spival V' in between the Venturi Effect inspired channel shape (highlighted above in black) . This Board generates a lot of speed , to allow it respond we have designed the rails "full" , which means a flatter deck line and the rails essentially feels "chunky" under the arm "test'... Why ? This allows the board to glide thru any bump or backwash , let's face we don't also get to surf perfect waves ! But don't worry the board does not "track" at all ! The Flyers allow the board turn and release then the channels just give that little extra bite !

It feels and looks very different but that's what we wanted an extension of the quiver , with a very fast , responsive east to ride board in a vast range of conditions. Order 3 to 4 inches shorter than your normal Performance shape and or at least One inch wider , with a tad more thickness add ( 1/8 ).