Sin Twin

The "sin of riding a twin". Are twin fins the funnest boards every? Or just a funky alternate, almost like a cheat code in surfing ? Do they ruin your style , make you miss sections , as you fly down the line, holding back on your turns and make you miss the feeling of a solid thruster or quad under foot ?

Honestly who knows and who cares ! Surfing it's all subjective and a speculative sport ,hobby or pastime . Grace, flow and style is just someone's opinion at the end of the day.

Some of the best "soul" or free surfing online ,hang on let me "rephrase" that, Surfers that look like they are having the most fun and surfing fast and free with excess speed and flow is often guys and girls on twin fins.

If you are going fast , enjoying your board ,ride whatever you want , mix up fin set ups and push the status quo. What suits your mate might not suit you and the only way to find out is have a crack and experiment ...

Above are photos on a board ,well travelled and surfed in Indonesia , Australia and Asia Pacific region that has been in refinement for close to two years. Fin Set up is Futures Akila Aipas Twins and a small rear stabiliser or  Check out all the specifications in a previous post

Stay tuned, this new model will be added to the collection soon, if you can't wait , hit us up . Taking orders now for this small wave option in USC ,DCD and Premium option .