What Lies Beneath


Down the line carve by "Harry", having fun on his TP1 ( Two Plus One )  on a recent trip to the Telos, Indonesia

Dreamy underwater view of the reef and Harry's Fin set .

The TP1 is a Twin Fin set up but with the third rear box. It's not a "thruster" , the fin set up is "Two Plus One"  so you can add a small rear Fin when needed or ride it as a Twin,options are limitless. 

Harry rides the TP1 with Scarfini Twins and knubster third fin in the rear . A lot surfers will add small rear stabiliser for that little bit of reassurance and hold sometimes a twinny can lack. Overall it just gives you that confidence to push your twin fin in better waves and draw lines you thought were not possible.

With the rear stabiliser fins , there are plenty of after market options , a huge range of sizes and templates in FCS  original dual tabs available and of course Futures Fins.

Go a small rear fin for looseness and easy turning or remove it and really start blowing tail on your favourite "twinny".