Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise", the Mentawais for any surfer is the ultimate playground and the original guys that discovered these waves must have had a serious case of "Serendipity".

Fast Forward to 2016 and crowds are constant, surf resorts and charter boats, surf guides even surf schools exist in every nook and cranny and everyone wants their share of waves .

"Fortunate stroke of serendipity" seem to sum up scoring in the Mentawais these days. 

Spent two weeks on the epic surf charter boat the Mahogany with Scuzz and the crew . We travelled far and wide often surfing by ourselves dodging a bit of bad weather ( dreaded northerlies winds ). 

This short video edit is a little bit of the Mentawais and lesser known spots from a few weeks in Indonesia .

Surfer Eden . Edit by Noah , footage by Fede from @liquidbarrel