Traction Application Tips


Here are few tips when applying your new tail pad .

New board it should still be wiped with a towel to ensure there is no fiberglass dust or debris. If there is wax on the board, set the board in the sun for a few minutes to heat up the wax then carefully remove all the residue wax , try make the board as clean as possible.

Remove the traction pad from the wrapping but do not remove the backside cover. Using the stringer as a center reference point,  if the board is a stringerless then grab a pencil and mark out the centre. Set the pad down on your ideal board placement point, with the backside glue still concealed. Most surfers either place their pad directly in front of the leash plug or line it up with the front, center or back of the rear fin. This is a matter of personal preference and where you anticipate your back foot will be on your tail.

Once you happy with placement , remove the paper that protects the adhesive . Place the grip down "front first"as per markings and slowly work towards the tail pressing down firmly . Pressing from the centre outwards trying to remove any air pockets. 

Pay special attention to the rear of pad especially around the "kicker" make sure it's nice and flat and has a good adhesion .

Perfect world , leave for 24 hrs , then GO SURF !

Want to check out some good surf traction , then head over to the Los Skull Website , tell them we sent you !