Time To Test Drive


Indonesia's swell season, has started with a bang in 2016 and its been been pumping of late and every surfer wants a quality step up for Indo sojourn this year . 

Bit more length and tad more foam , touch more rocker , lower rails are all the characteristics that went into these two surfboards made for our team rider Brent Savage .

The Surfboard on the left is a new model we going to test over in Indonesia, its a stringerless USC model. Wrapped in the parabolic carbon frame , it's a 6'1 , rounded pin , thruster set up .

On the right in the Premium construction ,standard central wooden stringer , again its made for really good waves , 5'11 based on the evergreen Savage model but tad more entry rocker , low rails and an altered bottom curve .

Again its still in R & D phase , and once Savy and the crew give them a good test run  over in Indonesia and other locations. We will for sure tweak them based on feedback and once happy with the way they go add them to range .