Blue Swish Resin Tint

You can add artwork to your surfboard in many different ways . From traditional foam sprays , full board prints and of course Resin Tints or resin art .

Every surfer is different and customizing the artwork is an important part of ordering a custom surfboard. At Formula Energy one of our favourite parts of the day is doing Resin Tints. Adding the colour to the resin is not done on a whim , its like being a mad professor , measuring and mixing different colours , pigments and tints into the resin .

Blue Swish Resin Tint 

Sometimes you nail the application and colour scheme and sometimes you don't but its always done in good spirit and with a bit of creative flair . Every time you do a resin tint you are creating a functional piece of artwork that is as individual as you are  !

The above "Blue Swish" we love it ... 


June 12, 2017

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Rounding It Off

Here is USC Savage model, which normally comes with a squash tail as ridden by Team rider Brent Savage. This particular custom we altered the tail shape from a squash tail to a rounded squash or a "thumb tail" . The request was because the surfer is going to Indonesia and wanted more hold and smoother type of release through his turns . The board also has slighter more tail rocker. 

The Savage by in large has plenty of tail rocker and deep concaves , this tail will enhance and make the board surf smoother in the pocket and hold in more powerful surf and really allow you to push the board in good waves .

So far thumbs up on the shooter, feedback is "best one ever" !


Savage Round Tail

USC Savage 5'11 by 18 7/8 by 2 3/8 , 26.50 litres. Custom made request with Flower Of Life artwork .  

The Savage model comes recommended with a squash tail shape. If you looking for a little more hold then we can customise to a round tail  or step it up to a rounded pin tail ..

The Rounded Pin Tail , will offer more "hold" in overhead surf ,especially good if you like drawing longer lines thru your turns or driving down the line in point break type barrels. As opposed to your squash tail , which is designed to give more release and pivot for shorter punchy type beach break conditions.

Formula Energy  Surfboard Savage

If you are expecting good waves or perhaps hitting the Indonesian archipelago and like barrels and down the line the waves you can't go wrong with the this model ! 

Bellissimo Maldives

Alessandro our Italian friend ,sent through a few photos taken by  Richard Kotch surfing in the tropical wonderland called the Maldives.

Alessandro Formula Energy Maldives

Board : USC Savage , location Hudhuranfushi Maldives.

Fish designs, alternate and wider nose surfboards like the Alien or hybrid Fuzz Nutz ,we all know are super fun to ride and for that reason everyones got a couple in the quiver these days.

If you chasing perfect waves then you still can't go past a modern day performance short board . The USC Savage is designed for those days that you dream about. Heading to the tropics , don't forget to pack a performance shooter !

Alessandro wrote:

I always follow you on Instagram your boards are simply amazing, my best compliments to you all at formula energy!!

Need to wait a little longer, but very soon I will place the order we have discussed on our last emails....meanwhile please find attached some pics of my beautiful Savage, I really love this magic board!! hope you like it!

Best regards!


Sounds like Alessandro is digging his USC Savage model !

Savage Key Points


Eden In Indonesia surfboard THE SAVAGE

The Savage model was designed and influenced with some heavy input and testing by Brent "Savy" Savage and the team . 
Wanting a high performance short-board that would excel in really good surf but also have the ability to work well on beach breaks in semi to marginal conditions .
Check out the video to see the Savage model in action and learn a bit about the key design points which sets this performance model apart from the pack !
Above photo , Eden in the Telos on his go to 5'10 USC Savage, image by Frede @liquidbarrel.
July 21, 2016

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Savy One day Wonder

Click this link to watch on Instagram our team rider going mad over at Lakey Peak. 

Short low res surf edit with an interesting story behind it !

Story Goes , a little like this ,

"Fastest strike mission of my life .Surfed nearly 8 hours on the first day and on one of my last waves fell and slapped the water pretty hard. When you come up for air and the whole ocean is spinning upside down you know somethin ain't right haha ".

Hi Res full version coming soon !

Time To Test Drive


Indonesia's swell season, has started with a bang in 2016 and its been been pumping of late and every surfer wants a quality step up for Indo sojourn this year . 

Bit more length and tad more foam , touch more rocker , lower rails are all the characteristics that went into these two surfboards made for our team rider Brent Savage .

The Surfboard on the left is a new model we going to test over in Indonesia, its a stringerless USC model. Wrapped in the parabolic carbon frame , it's a 6'1 , rounded pin , thruster set up .

On the right in the Premium construction ,standard central wooden stringer , again its made for really good waves , 5'11 based on the evergreen Savage model but tad more entry rocker , low rails and an altered bottom curve .

Again its still in R & D phase , and once Savy and the crew give them a good test run  over in Indonesia and other locations. We will for sure tweak them based on feedback and once happy with the way they go add them to range .

Camouflage Tail

Another custom Premium Savage , for good , good really good waves . Will work in below average surf but designed to come alive when its pumping . 

Dimensions are 5'10 by 20 by 2 9/16 , 29 litres. The surfer was riding a 6'0 by 19 3/4 by 2 1/2 , 30 litres Savage and wanted to drop two inches but without losing to much volume.

We went out to 20 inches wide , thickness 2 9/16 , and he only dropped 1 litre but obviously benefits from a surfboard being more controllable and responsive with the shorter plan-shape. 

Artwork is called Grey Camouflage Tail Dip . Check all the art and designs here !

December 01, 2015

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Naughty Porn


Warning this artwork is R Rated ! Lucky at first glance it looks like lovely little bubbles on the deck of your surfboard but take a closer look if you are over 18 years old  !

Its called Naughty Porn and its available as a full surfboard print under the RANDOM COOL ART dropdown menu .

This one is in grey we also do it with a white background, and the lovely little bubbles on closer inspection reveal some X rated images not for the little ones , or the church goers !

Surfboard model is the Premium Savage , dimensions 6'0 by 19 3/4 by 2 1/2 , 30 litres.



September 28, 2015

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Sick Savage

A custom Premium Savage 

6'2 by 19 by 2 3/8 custom for Jacob. 28 litres

The Savage model is the go to surfboard for good to excellent waves ! Great addition to the quiver ...

Designed, refined and tested by PRO–SURFER BRENT SAVAGE. This model is Brent’s signature all round performance board. 

Watch videos about this model and more here !

Jacob , post surf stoke.

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