This a custom USC Alien bound for the USA . Fully customized for Blake. Its dimensions are 

6'3 by 20 1/8 by 2 3/4  ( litres 35.20 ).

Artwork is the Fibonacci Coral design on the deck . 

Blake mainly rides single fins and twins , so he requested the Alien be set up as a Two plus one ,as he plans to ride it as a twin.  

To get the best performance out of this board as a two plus one fin set up , the design had to be tweaked ,  we changed the rocker , overall a flatter rocker and also the bottom concave we added a pronounced V through the tail to allow the easily transitions from rail to rail . 

You can see  the tail shape is not your traditional swallow but a moon tail , with a jet black bottom 

We would recommend these fins to ride with this set up . They are available at the online store