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Do you use FCS Systems or Futures and often struggle with the grub screws ? Here are a few tips on how to preserve those little stainless steel screws that hold your favourite set of fins in .

  1. This may sound obvious but make sure the drilled holes are clean and free from debris, that way the grub screw will move freely through the thread. 
  2. Use a new key , they wear out quickly , its worth investing in a hardened commercial quality Allen or Hex key ( 3/16th is the size for both Futures and FCS ). Or buy one of those fancy FCS tools...
  3. Make sure you place the allen key firmly into the grub screw , screw slowly , if you hear noises that suggested its grinding into  the plastic box , stop and remove the grub screw and clean the hole , something is in the way . It could be a little bit of fiber glass debris if its a brand new surfboard . Even a tiny sanded bit of the plastic from the box , that is  trapped in the thread (hole), or even sand or grit if the board has already been used . 

Hope these tips help and get you more time in the water.... And don't forget to check out our fins online ...




This a custom USC Alien bound for the USA . Fully customized for Blake. Its dimensions are 

6'3 by 20 1/8 by 2 3/4  ( litres 35.20 ).

Artwork is the Fibonacci Coral design on the deck . 

Blake mainly rides single fins and twins , so he requested the Alien be set up as a Two plus one ,as he plans to ride it as a twin.  

To get the best performance out of this board as a two plus one fin set up , the design had to be tweaked ,  we changed the rocker , overall a flatter rocker and also the bottom concave we added a pronounced V through the tail to allow the easily transitions from rail to rail . 

You can see  the tail shape is not your traditional swallow but a moon tail , with a jet black bottom 

We would recommend these fins to ride with this set up . They are available at the online store 

Savage Impression

Premium Savage model bound for the Northern Sumatra , Indonesia . 

5'10 by 18 3/4 by 2 1/4, (24.50 litres) .Built for surfer around 65 to 70kg, Performance all rounder for the trip of a lifetime 

Fin set up is Futures Five fin for versatility , bottom contours are single into double and the rails are mid to low for good waves . 


A little fin advice can go along way,we recommend experimenting with all types of sizes and templates.  Some good Fins for this model for the lightweight are

 the Scarfinini FX1 in quads or thruster with plenty of hold and drive .

Need some help with your fins, well contact us for some solid advice.