Critical Dimensions

Two Premium Savages model side by side , both customs and with very different dimensions .

On the left with the green Futures boxes 5'10 by 19 by 2 1/4 

With the black Futures on the right , 5'7 by 19 1/2 by 2 3/8 .

Which is a shorter , wider design , a "squash down" , if you like .

You can see how the plan-shapes (outlines ) alter when you change the overall lengths and widths from the original surfboard designs .

On most surfboard model pages in the Litres guide  the original surfboard dimensions are highlighted , or you can check the team riders dimensions on each model they ride . 

If you can't find the highlighted specifications , contact us and we will give you a rundown on dimensions and volumes that would suit your next custom surfboard by Formula Energy .