Resin Art

Funky resin tint , two colour resin mix using a fluorescent orange and light purple with a tad of white . If you look close at the purple it has a slight marble effect . 

Resin tints are an exciting process and way to add color to your board  . The pigment mixed with resin is always a little bit of an unknown when working in this medium and the end result always a throw up little surprises. 

The benefit of doing a resin tint , is the uniqueness , every surfboard is different .  

You can replicate "looks" but its almost impossible to copy exactly. 

The colours are more vibrant than the traditional foam spray and have a depth of tone which  almost a 3 dimensional effect .

We have lots of different colours in stock and if you feel like you are the adventurous type of surfer who doesn't mind a little colour on your surfboard .

Well hit us up with your colour preferences and design ideas , we would love to throw colour all over your next new Formula Energy surfboard , with the utmost of love and care of course !