Freight Facts

Some facts about freighting /shipping surfboards from Australia .

Surfboards are long awkward and fragile items. Australia is unfortunately along  way away from the rest of the world and freight companies charge accordingly .
International freight companies charge on the cubic size which is the length by the width by height then work out the price .
Not the actually dead weight which is usually very light , bummer !
Some people use Sea Freight it is cheap but super slow and the chances of damage are high .
We use air freight , most destinations take under a week , delivered to your doorstep.
The prices we quote to our customers are the actually cost that we pay the freight company to ship your surfboard. 
We also have to wrap the boards in bubble wrap then box in a custom made surfboard carton .Taking extra care with nose and tails. And often triple wrapping the board in high quality double side bubble wrap.
 Even covering the carton with “fragile” stickers won’t protect your board if it is not packaged properly for shipping. That’s why you want your board to be packaged “bullet-proof” and survive the journey and arrive intact.

Check out our shipping page and remember we have many cost effective options, when sending freight  contact us for more information on how to get a custom made Formula Energy Surfboard under your feet sooner than later.

 Brent Savage and his USC Blend ...

Check out the The Blend model in action, Surf Video... or check it out on our Vimeo page  in HD