March 17, 2021

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Half Price Surfboards

With Summer almost here we are having a SALE on all NEW BOARDS IN STOCK. If you looking to spend around $500 , and want a new Formula Energy surfboard ,now is your chance .

All NEW and USED stock boards have been reduced some up to 50% off.

Formula Energy Surfboards on SalePlease note we only keep a small range of surfboards in stock and this is a limited offer, on current stock only.

Need anymore info or help contact us or email us or phone 0418 798209

We can freight your board anywhere in the world , check out Shipping info and rates here . Or looking for custom , turn around is about four weeks for a brand new custom , for orders placed over next few days. 

Savage Round Tail

USC Savage 5'11 by 18 7/8 by 2 3/8 , 26.50 litres. Custom made request with Flower Of Life artwork .  

The Savage model comes recommended with a squash tail shape. If you looking for a little more hold then we can customise to a round tail  or step it up to a rounded pin tail ..

The Rounded Pin Tail , will offer more "hold" in overhead surf ,especially good if you like drawing longer lines thru your turns or driving down the line in point break type barrels. As opposed to your squash tail , which is designed to give more release and pivot for shorter punchy type beach break conditions.

Formula Energy  Surfboard Savage

If you are expecting good waves or perhaps hitting the Indonesian archipelago and like barrels and down the line the waves you can't go wrong with the this model ! 


If don't feel like wating for custom order then you can "buy this right now" , we have one Nemo Bollywood in stock 

 Green N Gold Resin Tint bottom , Futures Five Fin ride as thruster or quad.

This Nemo Bollywood model was a custom order returned due to error with artwork on the bottom . Has name on bottom but never been ridden , its brand new . Need anymore information please contact us . Please note fins are not included.

Dimensions: 5'10 by 19 7/8 by 2 1/2

Litres: 30

Cheap Freight

When sending and shipping surfboards around the world we all want the cheapest and best freight deal available . We want it and know you the guys and girls who ride our boards want it .Freight or logistics is all based on volume . So how do you get a good and fair freight deal ? 

Surfboard box Formula Energy (Single Surfboard box, can be more economical than you think).

Surfboards although being lightweight are priced by freight companies on the box dimensions ,cube sizes . That is the length by height by width . In other words how much room the "carton" takes up in the belly of the aeroplane ....

Surfboards being long ,awkward and fragile can get expensive when shipping to certain destinations ..

Here are few tips that may help keep the freight prices down

We have two popular options . Single Surfboard Carton (featured above) , its designed for one surfboard but sometimes you can fit two smaller boards in this box , Prices start from $95 and go up to $395 just depends on the destination .

If you want to add two boards best to contact us prior or you can check out all our freight prices here for more information .

Now if you chasing a few boards , quiver update for yourself or perhaps a few mates want to order a new Formula Energy custom , well read on ...

Formula Energy Surfboard

 Ok, option two is a larger box which holds four boards comfortably . If you looking the most economical way then this is the way to go .

Now with the 4 board option we can offer a discount rate on the boards. If you have four mates who are keen then contact us for more information as we can get back to you with a quote including delivery to your doorstep , fully insured and packed really well !

Basically the bottom line to save is to order multiple boards ! The more the better, update that quiver !

More information email or check out freight prices here.

November 17, 2016

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Christmas Gifts

Who likes carparks and Christmas crowds ? Well brush the shopping centre madness and shop for your gifts online !

Grab yourself a Christmas gift from our online store , we have signature range of T-shirts ,fins and deck grips available right now with quick delivery right to your doorstep before Christmas sneaks up and smacks you in the face ..

"Wear this t-shirt in the barrel or down the pub at your next Sunday Session !

Signature T-Shirts are selling fast and sizes are limited .

We got fins from 3D Fins , custom Tail Pads for the discerning in many different shapes and sizes . Some new boards in stock and used boards all with big discounts ..

November 03, 2016

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One Low Flyer

We have one DCD Low Flyer for sale . Its used had a few little repairs but overall not in bad condtion at all.

To get all the nitty gritty Check it out here !



Special offer  ! 
Buy any Board this month and get a free deck grip thrown in !  We have lots of different styles and colours in stock in our signature series. Which features "Moulded" EVA Diamond grip , 3M Adhesive with a 25 mm high kicker all em blazed with the Formula Energy logo.


Grab A Bargain

Grab this Honey Badger pre-loved surfboard for a Bargain !
Its been heavily discounted from $565 to $265
Purchase Any Surfboard this month and get a free deck grip thrown in !
Check them out here .... Lots of different styles and colours in stock !
This Badger is in  mint condition and if you are keen and need to add something to the quiver ,then get all the important details click on the link here !

Old School Grip

Back in the 1980's deck grips and tail pads were dominated by companies like Astro Deck and the good old Rocket Block . 

Astro Deck had the red hot surf team and the grip was hard to get being from the USA but everyone wanted it on there surfboards .

Rocket Block designed this kicker which was attached with velcro , you could take it on or off . Most times a wave ended up ripping it off and as a grommet you were very upset losing your new surf hardware !

And then the velcro stuck to your surfboard would cut your knees to shred over the summer ! Them were the days !

Of course we are not using velcro to attach our new design . It's a High quality 3m adhesive .

Our new signature T BAR TAIL PAD is inspired from past experiences. 

The idea is pretty simple , most surfers like to feel connected to their surfboards and as close to the water line, the more you can engage your board .This T BAR design is like adding a tail pad without losing that connection.Having the kicker and arch bar ,adds something to push against which in some cases wax can let you down .

But by removing the side grip your toes and most of heel is will feel more connected to the surfboard and your wax job .

Its super light , quick and easy to apply (one piece).
With a superior design ,rear Tail Pad extra traction updated diamond grip pattern.
3m adhesive the best product on the market 
Good traction , lightweight, low profile.
Size of the new T BAR  is width 215mm ( 8 1/2 inches) , length 295 mm ( 11 1/2 inches).

We hope you like it , and we also have a full range of standard shape tail pads in stock , call or email for more details on the size and shape that would suit your  surfboard . Or check out the full range here .


We Are Back

We love Indonesia and scored some great waves over there, got to ride some new models and test some surfboards in quality surf. Warm water with uncrowded pumping waves , surf breaks that don't have names yet ! Does it get any better !

We never wanted to leave, but we are back on deck at the Formula Energy HQ...

Sorry If we missed your call or have not replied to your emails . Eden is back in the office and will reply to all your queries very soon !

Email or ring or just come say hello at the Factory !

Above : Testing a new quad USC Fuzz Nutz , photo by Federico Vannao @liquidbarrel .

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