Nature Calls

Even seen those little pilot fish that swim next to the heads of big shark species like Great Whites , Tigers etc . 

Have you ever wondered why the shark just doesn't turn round and chomp on that little morsel ?

The colouring of the fish acts like camouflage , preventing the shark from identifying the fish as prey . Sharks see in black and white according to recent research by Professor Shaun Collin and Dr Nathan Hart at the University of Western Australia's Oceans Institute. Hamish Jolly has been doing some solid research on shark's vision and the way there identify food . Click here to learn more 

Hence cover the bottom of your surfboard in black , whites stripes and lines and maybe the *Men In Grey Suits may give you a big miss !

This design is on the bottom of a USC Alien custom for Wayne. the art is called Biomimicry and looks cool,its bound for Western Australia , check out all the designs here.

BTW , *Men in Grey Suits is Australian Slang for Sharks !