Another Freshy

This board is not "officially" on the site yet as a model !  Its just an iteration of a  design people are loving that want a step down all rounder style of board . Sort of competes with the evergreen Blend model .

I mainly make it recommended as a squash tail but also a rounded pin , if you looking for something slightly longer .

Model names sometimes are hard to come with hence I just write "freshie" on the bottom of this board . 

It has a performance inspired outline but in general a lower nose rocker than your "standard" performance board . Tail rocker is normal range of a performance board . 

This board is 6'0 by 20 by 2 1/2 (33 litres) . Its made for a young guy who did not want to ride a fish but was looking for a step down style of board that would work in 3ft and under waves but still also go well in the pocket .

Couple of big requests there , but by giving the board plenty of width at 20 inches and also dropping the nose rocker a tad , then adding a bit more tail rocker with V bottom shape off the tail . 

It will be a fast fun style of shortboard , especially when ridden as quad !

Oh yeah and the board has plenty of thickness through the tail , because the surfer is a big solid guy almost 90kg standing 6'3  . Plenty of float and carry with a hard edge in front of the fins will allow him to power through turns when the right sections pop up !