Mauve Have

Did a "Quick Turnaround" on this Premium Have for good fella named Damo .  He is on the hunt for some quality waves in Indonesia .

Damo been getting boards of us for long time and has an extensive quiver from fishes to longboards , single fins and quads etc  .

He rides a lot of different equipment from different shapers and is not scared to experiment . Its a pleasure making board for surfers on his calibre and openness .

Dimensions are 6'1 by 19 3/8 by 2 3/8  ( 30.63 litres ) .  Set up as a Futures quad for good waves .

If you want to read about the finer points of the Have model click here. 

Artwork is burgundy bottom and rails with a mauve pink deck insert . All done as foam sprays , colour matched custom !

Art and colour is a big thing on boards , its personal . Here are some of the designs we do and we can custom just about anything you want !

With a Mauve / Pink deck foam spray .

Damo's been going to Indonesia on and off for over two decades  . Although the season started a bit slow in 2023 . A solid swell just hit the islands and looks like they are plenty of deep low pressures backed up and rounding the South African cape and heading into the Indian Ocean ,hopefully pushing up some long lines of swell ! Its looking good for mid season Indo !!

Back in the day , Damo featured in this short clip at Nias in 2014 riding an Alien which lasted him ten years . Check the clip out here  .

More information on the Have here . Its truly been designed as a go to travel board .



 Damo putting on of his Have models to good use at his local.