Japan Board Run

Recently I did a trip to the land of the Rising Sun , Japan . First stop was this cool little place in Ichinomiya in Chiba near the beach , where the Olympic surfing went down .

I stayed in this retro trailer called an "Air Stream" , its total original condition and super comfortable Californian classic !

The owners "Surfside Campers" are great people and the location is awesome . short walk to the beach breaks out front and lots of nice cafes and shops all up and down the Ichinomiya beach stretch !

 Check out  the Surfside Campers on  Instagram  .

MLB 6'10 by 20 3/4 by 2 5/8 (40 litres) burnt orange.

I dropped a bunch of boards of to some Tokyo surfers Haru San and Miki San


MLB 6'6  bright orange foam spray and Black rails for Haru . Dims are 6'6 by 21 1/4 by 2 3/4 .

People are surprised to hear weather was hot (high summer) and water was really warm , 28 degrees from memory . Unfortunately the waves were typical Japanese tiny waves whilst I was there but I headed down south to Okinawa and scored a few nice waves .

Easy overhead out there , good five minute paddle somewhere in Okinawa 

 Ryuku Islands or Okinawa most of the waves are offshore reefs . Good 5 minute paddle minimum . This was somewhat of the inspiration of designing the Have and then later the MLB . The extra foam comes in handy on those long paddles over deep and dark water .

MLB felt smooth as butter on my backhand on the Japanese reef breaks .

When these spots turn on often you get a bit of current and the extra foam is critical not only for getting into these shallow reef break waves  but also making it back to the carpark when the tides drops out too much !

Blue skies and new blue have custom for Miki . 5'9 by 20 1/4 by 2 3/4 (34.40 litres).

Hope you like checking out the boards coming through on the blog and these little travel stories . 

I also just posted a video to Youtube with an in-depth look at the MLB model . Please check it out