Bat Tail

 Custom 5'11 Alien tweaked model , read more below.

 Custom boards are what we are all about . This is a custom 5'11 by 19 1/2 by 2 1/2 (30 litres)  Alien with the most obvious feature being the bat tail . Normally the Alien and most retro boards come with a swallow tail. 

On this custom you can also see the straighter outline because we widened the tail pod to 8 inches ,which makes the planshape look much straighter.

The straighter planshape will deliver a fast board and the extra width in the tail , is a bonus for fat flat sections allowing to keep your momentum and drive.

And yes the "bat tail" , more aesthetics than a radically different "feeling". Should really surf like a swallow but may feel a little different ,with a little more stability .

"Kind of looks like a good board for busting airs".