The End Game

The last few weeks have been crazy ! Pumping waves on the Gold Coast from Cyclone Gretel ran parallel to a one in one hundred year pandemic that has unleashed chaos and confusion, that now has affected literally everyone on the globe ! 

Flight are cancelled , WSL has pulled the pin on its events in Australia ,which weirdly was sponsored by Corona Beer ! Surely there are taking a massive hit right now too ! As I write the Government has implemented rules and laws that we have never seen before ! Bondi Beach, Sydney's most iconic beach, was packed on the weekend and the Government seems to have scolded us like disobedient children. It is now official closed ! What next "surfing" ?

The reality is most Australians are a disobedient mob in normal times unlike most of are northern neighbours who have lived through "crises" like earthquakes and tsunami etc. And stricter governments who control the masses for the common good ! If this plays out like in Europe we could see a ban on beach access and surfing ? Wow , how will this play out , getting locked up for surfing seems bit harsh but might keep the crowds down ! (that's a joke by the way).

The amount of people in the water thanks to last cyclone was crazy ! Seems the surfing population is growing in South East Queensland. And even with a huge amount of businesses closing or slowing down , we are still in the unique and fortunate position to make surfboards, as most workers work "solo" in isolated rooms with proper ventilation and appropriate safety gear , like masks and respirators .

Surfboards are still in demand , and we can still make .If you want a board ,contact us . We can do everything remotely by phone or email etc, and courier companies are still operating . We can still deliver .

Who knows next week , will surfing be banned? Europe has already enforced Lockdowns , read about it here on Magic Seaweeds site . 

Above is a USC Savage made for good waves, let's hope the waves keep coming and the Corona Virus doesn't ! A new board may lift you spirits a tad. !