Spiral Story

The Spiral V and the Venturi effect , how the "heck" does this relate to a surfboard ? We will give it a crack and try to explain !

Spiral V a brief explanation , is V under under the back foot or rear end of the board. V is shaped into the bottom shape rear end, with the highest point being the 'stringer" or middle of the board if you like, then tapering out to the rail line.If you want a more detailed viewpoint on the types of V bottom shapes in surfboard design perhaps just Google it ? Spiral V is what we are talking about here but you also have Reverse V and good old V too !

Our point of difference being the design bottom shape "V" is framed by the "channels" which flare out mimicking the Venturi Effect . Where water is funnelled into a constricted place and therefore increasing the velocity of the water flow as its released out the tail (simple terms "you go faster").

Up Close Spiral Model Surfboard

A wider fuller planshape with plenty of foam distribution , single flyers diamond tails. Suits smaller waves , when you are looking for a little extra foam under your feet,designed to be ridden with your favourite set of thruster fins . Here is another link to a more in depth feature on the performance aspects of the board .