Black Beauty

This my version of a left of centre black beauty of a surfboard . I got to admit it may not the most attractive black surfboard in the world . But please read on to hear the whole back story regarding this board and how it came about to being !

Sometimes things "sh#t happens" when you are building surfboards.  The machine we use to profile the blanks is the best in the business but sometimes one or two  get "munted" mainly on the stringerless blanks . They are definitely harder and take experienced people to make them .

I was doing a 6'6 step up stringer-less and it was a "no go" to shape after coming off the machine cut  . Half the nose was missing and the rails were pretty much gone !

It was destined to be thrown out and a new blank re-cut for custom order .

Instead of throwing the broken blank into the bin , decided to shape myself something left of field with what remained of the blank  !


I was tad limited with the dimensions because of what was salvageable with the blank , in-fact ended up a  5'3 .

This is re-salvaged blank nose re-templated mid shape !


 I wanted a really fast board small wave board .

So I set it up as quad fin , templated up the nose and rounded it off like an old school "Nugget" .

Then shaped the rails keeping in mind I did not have that much foam to work with but they ended up a nice softer style of rail with hard edge just forward of the fins .

You can see I didn't have much width either after shaping the outline , its narrow for this size of board and going off todays widths .

Most boards this size you would doing at least 20 inches plus probably even more .

Tail Shape , I just went the rounded square or (squash) look . which will give the board lot of flow but also release when necessary . 

The blank being a stringerless  added the Carbon rails USC Tech , which will strengthen it up a bit but also give it some good flex !

Anyway thanks to the great "glassers", sanders and artists as it feels nice  under the arm test . 

Just need a quality little beach break to give it a run !