Its A Twin Thing

Looks its a twin thing and if you don't ride a twin at some stage in your surfing journey , well lets just say you are missing out ! On what you may ask ? I will tell you below , keep reading .

Formula Energy SurfboardThe "Twin Thing" can be summarised as well "speed" and "flow". Sure modern thrusters go fast but something about a twin fins looseness and speed is highly addictive . 

I think because its just fun .

At first you may find it "skatey" as you over power your turns but once you relax a little and try fit the board into the curve of the wave as opposed to over muscle it through turns , I guarantee you will experience some of your best and most fulfilling surfing you ever have done.

But look all of the above can be meaningless if you have a dog of a board !

Everything is "subjective" but I have put a lot of research and time into our twin fin models . We don't just whack a twin set up on any plan-shape and glass it up!

The idea of twin is to see how much you can push it as the surf gets better , bigger and more powerful .

The only way you can move in this direction is by having confidence in the board !

Confidence only comes by riding it , and enjoying it in a variety of surf .

Some key features you will see in our Twins are the bottom shape design  , I like a pronounced V bottom just fading off the tail in most models with concave up front under the front foot.

This really helps the board go rail to rail 


Fin placement , toe and angle are also key . Then the big one is the type of fins you run ! Thats key if the board was made for "keels" then use them.

If its more designed for uprights like an Akila Aipa template , then base you fin choice around that design .

Anyways back to the board in the photos , this is a Little Thing model and its fun machine designed to be surfed in smaller / weaker style waves. 

You could take it to Indo on a boat trip but only ride on the real small clean days. Its really designed for small , weak waves low period style of waves

Then again a good Twin Fin may really surprise you , and the trusty old thruster may gather some dust !