Blue Sin Twin

I think colour makes a board go better ! Maybe faster and more lively in the pocket ! I am sure someone proved that back in the early nineties when "fluoro" was big 

April Fools , ( even though its May , ha ) . Colour definitely does not make a board go better but geez this Pastel Blue Sin Twin looks absolute  "mint" !

If colour made a board go better then this set up would do the trick !

On my twin fins  and especially boards with flyers I very rarely add carbon tail patches but but extra Four Ounce 1/4 toe patch on the deck . Basically another layer of cloth , just enough to cover your back foot section on your board .

Because a lot of surfers don't add tail pads too "twinnys" , whether its an aesthetic thing or just having you foot closer to fins is matter of choice but personally  I am big fan of keeping it clean and your foot close as possible to the water line on a twin fin !


Dimensions on this Premium Sin Twin  5'11 by 20 1/4 by 2 5/8 (34.84 litres). Its a custom order for young Fin , based down near Newcastle !

In fact its 21st birthday present .

The artwork on this board has three different shades of blues.  Pastel light blue deck and bottom with customised darker rails (laps) with deck and bottom highlight patches . 

I put black decals on the deck and white on the bottom !

The Sin Twin is a great board . Ride it from one foot to four foot . Add a small rear fin for a little more hold or ride it as a straight twin !

Order it about three to five inches shorter that your standard performance model .

Sin Twin in Action , small fun day in Indonesia .