Black Resin

Harry is a really patient guy and we thank him for waiting a little longer than normal for his custom Nemo !

He wanted the blackest surfboard we could build . Black resin tints are possibly the hardest boards to build , if you strive for perfection !

This USC Nemo deadline got blown out the window ! But we think we delivered on this shooter...

Formula Energy Surfboard USC Nemo jet black resin tint On our social media feed , well known Shaper  Rodney Dahlberg at @dahlbergsurfboards commented on our Instagram feed 

Probably the hardest board in the World to make especially EPS/Epoxy! Don't leave in a hot car!!@formulaenergy


Very true, you definitely don't want to leave this board in a hot car for very long .

Although this board is a PU blank with Polyester resin it's still a valid point . The amount of thought and processes that goes into a black resin surfboard is incredible .

We are super stoked how it came out ! Black On Black !

Black Resin Tail close up Futures

Black USC Nemo custom dimensions, 5'8 by 19 1/2 by 2 1/2  28.43 litres for Harry 

Nemo Black Resin Tint