How Many Litres

"How many litres are right for me ?" We get asked that question a lot .

Lets have a look at formula they may assist in getting the right volume / litres in your surfboard . The guys over at LuxBarrel brought to our attention to the Guild Factor (GF).  Its not an exact science but its just another tool to help you get the the correct surfboard .

The GF Formula works like this.

Surfer's Weight in Kilograms (Kg) X Guild Factor (GF) for Skill Level

= Liters of Surfboard Volume

To convert into Kg, multiply your weight in pounds by 0.45359237.

Super Fit Advanced Riders Pro/Competitive Levels: GF 0.34 - 0.36

Normal Fitness Advanced Riders: GF 0.36 - 0.38

Intermediate and Older Experienced Surfers: GF 0.38 - 0.42

Casual Surfers, Old Guys, or working stiffs wanting float to catch more waves: GF 0.43 - 0.49+

Novice Surfer Learning the Lineup: GF 0.50+

If you’re surfing in warm water and good waves, the lower end of your ratio range is recommended. If you’re surfing in poor conditions, looking for paddle power in crowded situations, or wearing thick wetsuits, lean towards the higher end of the range that you fall into.

For example 65 kg shredder super fit in the water everyday , 65 X 0.36 = 23.40 litres.

An 80 kg Older guy feeling unfit and surfer couple times a week at best  , 80 X 0.42 = 33.60

Big unit 100 kg not surfing as much as you would like  , 100 X 43 = 43 litres

Remember that this a guide only and the type of surfboard model will change the amount of litres or "foam" you need, conditions you surf etc.

A fuller nose style Mid Length model equal a lot foam up front , easier paddler !

Also Epoxy and PU Polyurethane foam has a slightly different floatation and that is a whole another discussion  , for another blog post .

End of the day ask the guys who are building surfboards everyday for some advice ! A few extra litres won't really hurt your surfing , unless you are going for WSL Crown , in fact the extra foam will keep you surfing for longer sessions and that's got to be a good thing , more waves for you !

Narrower style step up board , harder to paddle with less foam up front 

Above USC Performance Plus , 6'5 by 18 3/8 by 2 1/4 , 25 litres for 67kg surfer . This artwork Fibonacci Star design . An image from far away in the Cosmo . This surfboard is a step up semi gun model  , it's made for solid surf . Big barrels . Some would say the surf trip of a lifetime !

With extra rocker on the nose entry and with lower rails , rounded pin , the ultimate barrel rider !