Cheap Freight

When sending and shipping surfboards around the world we all want the cheapest and best freight deal available . We want it and know you the guys and girls who ride our boards want it .Freight or logistics is all based on volume . So how do you get a good and fair freight deal ? 

Surfboard box Formula Energy (Single Surfboard box, can be more economical than you think).

Surfboards although being lightweight are priced by freight companies on the box dimensions ,cube sizes . That is the length by height by width . In other words how much room the "carton" takes up in the belly of the aeroplane ....

Surfboards being long ,awkward and fragile can get expensive when shipping to certain destinations ..

Here are few tips that may help keep the freight prices down

We have two popular options . Single Surfboard Carton (featured above) , its designed for one surfboard but sometimes you can fit two smaller boards in this box , Prices start from $95 and go up to $395 just depends on the destination .

If you want to add two boards best to contact us prior or you can check out all our freight prices here for more information .

Now if you chasing a few boards , quiver update for yourself or perhaps a few mates want to order a new Formula Energy custom , well read on ...

Formula Energy Surfboard

 Ok, option two is a larger box which holds four boards comfortably . If you looking the most economical way then this is the way to go .

Now with the 4 board option we can offer a discount rate on the boards. If you have four mates who are keen then contact us for more information as we can get back to you with a quote including delivery to your doorstep , fully insured and packed really well !

Basically the bottom line to save is to order multiple boards ! The more the better, update that quiver !

More information email or check out freight prices here.