Clear Adaption

Custom Plain White Premium Adapt model, scroll down for more information and what this board is all about.

Formula Energy Surfboards AdaptDimensions are 5'8 by 20 1/2 by 2 5/8 . 33 litres

Adapt by Formula Energy SurfboardsCarbon Tail Skirts on this custom which overall is designed for smaller waves, and days when the surf is average.

The ADAPT is a fun machine albeit designed to sit next to your "favourite fish" or small wave surfboard in the quiver .

Don't let the pointy nose fool you , there is plenty of width up front and foam . Full Boxy rails , generous foam proportions to the overall outline and flatter deck line.

Bottom shape is single into double ,which gives a lot of lift and drive . We suggest a slightly bigger fin set up , than your go to performance short board . The extra fin size will allow you to push this board , especially in a thruster set up.  Although definitely ride as quad too, for extra speed.

Its made to combat those summer weak swells and when conditions are pretty ordinary .

Order in the Premium version or USC Carbon Rails for a tad extra "twang" to your surfing !