Alien Shooter

USC Alien Step up 6'6 by 19 3/4 by 2 9/16th ( 34 litres ), custom for Tony ,heading for the "Coal Coast" in Southern NSW.

 The purple colour on the deck on this Alien Step Up surfboard is actually an organic hemp material thats combined with recycled plastic bottles . The plastics have been broken down into small pellets , it goes by the name Hemp/ PET material . 

Its a great alternate way to make a surfboard more durable, especially for heavy footed surfers who tend to crush / damage there decks, but it still retains those performance aspects of a modern surfboard.

Hemp is way more environmentally friendly than our traditional cotton .
For example you require about half the amount of water to produce hemp as you would if producing cotton. Hemp is a strong and reliable plant that grows very quickly. Not only that, hemp produces about 200% – 250% more fibre in the same amount of land compared to cotton.

Read more about the way we apply the hemp deck to the Formula Energy range of surfboards, here

FCS vs Futures Bases

FCS or Futures , Which system is best ? Both systems including the new FCS 2 have there pros and cons. 

All the fin systems work great  and removeable fins add so many benefits for travelling surfer and altering the performance of your surfboards with different fin sizes , templates etc .

 It really is up to the surfer to find out what works best for them...

FCS original dual tab system are more readily available worldwide , so if you are a travelling surfer then FCS may suit. If you hit or damage the fin the original FCS tend to cause minor damage to the surfboard.

The FCS 2 with a re-designed dual tab is the latest design  (pictured above) , with no grub screw required . The fins just simply click in and out .

And of course Futures have been around for a while and are a proven quality product with a good range of fins.

The Futures has a single base , which has two advantages, the first being there is more fin connected to the surfboard, that results in less flex through the base of the fin, this mimics the feel of a glassed on fin and is very strong and hard to break at the base.The solid connection to the base of the surfboard gives a more responsive feel, but if they are smashed out they tend to take half the surfboard rail with them and are hard to repair. 


 Try both see if you can feel the difference !


Purple Rail Custom Alien

A custom USC Alien for Graham , on his way back from overseas to collect this Easter present !

Dimensions are 6'0 by 19 3/4 by 2 7/16th 

Litres : 29.80

Its hard to make out on the web but the rail spray is a custom deep purple which in the flesh looks really impressive along the carbon rails . 

Fin Set up is a FCS Quad Fin 


Want to ride a quad but unsure ? Well turn your favourite thruster set into a quad with these Scarfini Rears .

A real smart option if you want to ride a quad but haven't found a full quad set that you dig . 

This set is available in quad rears only , well priced and perfect way to build on the fin quiver without breaking the bank. 

Available in standard FCS dual tab or single tab Futures set up . 


Go to our online store for the full range of accessories  


Currently all surfboards that are ordered with Futures Fins system (boxes) will come standard in black, unless another colour is requested . 

If you would like another colour , please let us know when ordering your surfboard .

All the colours are available on request . Futures has a wide range of colours in there boxes .

Need anymore information on fins or fin systems, please contact us .... We have a large range of fins in stock at the online store 

Featured surfboard above is a 5'10 by 19 1/2  by 2 7/16 th Alien , 28 litres of fun ...

Below is a Blue Swirl Resin Tint Bottom with Blue Futures Boxes ....

Full Customised Creation

At Formula Energy we have the luxury of having everything ''in-house" . Which enables us to create full custom designs and liaising with the surfer throughout the whole process .

From the initial 3 d cad design of the pre-shape we can customize existing plan-shapes and tweak them to suit , then hand shape to make a board that is technically  accurate but with the ultimate goal of a surfboard that performs above and beyond your expectations. 

And then to the final art work ,whether it is a foam spray , resin tint, or full deck print . Artwork is a major part of your surfboard and nothing is off limits, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. 

This particular surfboard was from the imagination of Michael who surfs mainly in marginal conditions. He wanted the ultimate grovel board but was very specific about bottom curves and outlines to make it work in his part of the world .

Essentially its based of a Nemo outline with a single flyer round tail . With single into double concaves with V off the tail . 

Michael never visited the factory and all correspondence were done by email ! 

The Board is all black with Carbon / Kevlar parabolic rails (USC).

 Essentially the ULTIMATE CUSTOM !