Cosmic Bluestar

A Custom USC Alien for Rob with "Cosmic Bluestar" artwork .

Cosmic Bluestar image is from Hubble Spacecraft and we have more designs here 

Imagine being able to capture the essence of the universe in a single frame. That's exactly what the Hubble Spacecraft does. Armed with its powerful telescope, Hubble has been orbiting the Earth for over three decades, capturing breathtaking images of distant galaxies, nebulae, and other celestial phenomena.

Dimensions are 6'1 by 21 by 3 ( 39.50 litres ).

Unlock Performance and Versatility with the Futures Five Fin Setup. Ride as a quad or thruster , just experiment between the two set ups with as many different fin templates and wave types as you can and you will dial in what works for you best !

This was a custom order , that we wrapped and boxed and sent by air courier using a door to door service to the UK .

We can send surfboards all over the world , delivered to your doorstep. 

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