Mod Twin Take of Today

Needing to spark up your surfing , "experience a different feeling" in your wave riding ? Then you should always be looking to expand the quiver , a twin fin may be what you need ?

Performance inspired round pin twin fins .

Twin Fins whether it be a Mid Length or Keel Fin design will make you take different lines , turns and initiate new feelings in the way you surf and approach waves  .

Your surfing journey and stoke will improve by keeping your surfing fresh , eager to step out of the "thruster mode" ?

Keep reading if you're curious!

Some of our twin fin range explained

 The freedom and flow that twin fins unlock in your surfing is worth tapping into . Twins have come along way and many of the old style shortcomings have been improved to almost overtake Thrusters or at "least site side by side" in certain types of waves .

RP Twin 5'9

Personally have been enjoying the twin fin range of boards in particular the RP Twin for smaller days and so have guys and gals that have ordered twins .

When I shape a custom order , some major factors influence the finer points of design. Tailor made for the surfer and where they are going to surf that particular board . Eden

The RP Twin was based on the success of the of the Sin Twin instead of a diamond tail round tail its a thumb tail with a slighter fuller nose area .

The thumb or round tail is an interesting combination with the flyers .

Essentially you get the quick release of the flyers but also the hold of a round tail , its a good addictive feeling !

Above Sin Twin , please note most of the surfboards mentioned here are designed to be ridden with an upright style of twin fin template 

The Sin Twin in brief : Single Flyers with a Diamond Tail shape. Flatish deck line with medium rail volume. Low entry rocker with Single Concave leading into Double with pronounced V bottom. Designed to go fast and surf easy . 

Sin Twin in action 


The Option in a 5'8 for really sub par conditions .

Then you go to the Option when its time to grovel with its fuller wider nose and flat rocker . This board is a blast to ride, it's fast, paddles like a dream, and turns with ease ! It can be ordered as Single Fin or Twin and even a two plus one set up. 

Its a micro mal which you can still jam in the pocket , watch on youtube 


The MLB Mid Length ride in a range of conditions from pumping to poor quality waves .

Mid lengths are here and of course , The MLB has been super popular of late , You can read more about it here or watch a Detailed video explaining the MLB click here 

The MLB is a problem board ,a good problem ! That is once you ride it you can not get off it ! Seriously thats the feedback from all the surfers who have got one . Its a quiver killer , the key features are how easy it glides into waves and even with the extra foam up front from the wider plan-shape and beak nose its still turns like a performance twin fin  !

 But the future I feel for twins is to design a performance twin fin  ! The hold and drive with  freedom and liveness in steeper waves  with more power . Basically barrels !

Rounded Pins tails work well on a performance twin fin 

Narrower tail pods , sleeker outlines are all "consistents" when you go into the performance surfboard . 

Often surfers comment , how they love they twins on there forehand but back-hand surfing feels weird . Well it shouldn't , a good board should work both frontside and backside . 

One tip would be to stay away from extremely big flyers or wing style of twin fins if you struggle on your back hand with them . 

Go for more the outline / shape below .

 Having a bit of "rail line" also works well on a performance twin , you don't want to go to short !

Currently we are working on a performance twin , its still a work in progress but below is the iteration we are really excited with and currently testing it .

 Freshly shaped check it out on Youtube shorts !

Keep you posted in the future on where we go with performance twin fin . But its looking good . The other main thing to consider is fin design , find yourself a good set of twin fins , whether its Futures of FCS they are may good sets out there . It may take a little researching to fins what you like but its worth the effort !

The Two plus One options are probably more palatable for guys coming off thrusters and it does add a extra hold . Watch this space .

Stay tuned on our socials  , YouTube or here for updates on the Modern performance twin fin journey .