Leaf Green MLB

MLB custom (Mid Length Beak) , dimensions on this one are  6'10 by 21 by 2 3/4 ( 42 litres) . 

The MLB has been one of the most successful designs of 2023 with everyone who got one loving the extra foam up front but also commenting on how easy the board is to turn . If you want to stand there and cruise down the line "all nonchalant" or lay a heavy foot into your toe or heal side the board reacts quickly and with a feeling of your are riding something much shorter .  

However still allowing you to paddle / ghost into waves with envy from your mates in the line up .

To everyone who ordered or bought a board or two , thank you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . See you all in 2024 !

Now a little bit about the a Leaf green resin tint MLB 

Firstly "What is Resin Tint" ?

Resin tint is a colouring technique used in surfboard manufacturing. It involves adding pigments to the resin that is applied to the fiberglass cloth during the lamination process. This creates a translucent or opaque colour layer on the board, giving it a unique and vibrant appearance.

Exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays can cause damage to your surfboard over time. Resin tint acts as a protective layer, shielding the fiberglass from UV radiation. This helps prevent yellowing, fading, and delamination, ensuring that your board stays in top condition for years to come.

Surfing is all about having fun. And riding a mid length surfboard is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

These boards offer and enjoyable option but still with a performance edge, , allowing you to have fun in a wide range of conditions. 

A mid length can add a new level of enjoyment to your sessions.

So, who should ride a mid length? Anyone really , ride everything and enjoy !

Keep in mind the MLB is designed as a performance based Mid Length Surfboard  , and I have made a video here explaining in detail the key features .

 If you are looking just  cruise on a Mid Length , then check out the Mid Strength and MLT models .

Happy Holidays