Eco Bubble Wrap

Packing surfboards, shipping all over the world , involves expert packing skills using custom cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and extra cardboard protection for nose , tails and rails ..Surfboards are fragile awkward products that need special attention .

But with these by-products you create a fair bit of waste and filling the rubbish bin with no biodegradable is not a good thing as we all know .

Now we have sourced an eco friendly version of Bubble Wrap. The Bubble Wrap is made in factory which has ISO support , acknowledged worldwide.

Every little bit helps !  At Formula Energy we also raid the "dumpster" bin for discarded cardboard when packing our surfboards .. Essential recycling rubbish destined for the "tip" .

Try hang onto the Bubble Wrap for your next surf travel and re-use it, its light weight , great for protecting noses and tails , and you always have one mate who loves popping the little air cells !

Bubble Wrap makes sure you get to places like this with your board intact !  

 Brent Savage in the tropics.