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July 17, 2017

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The original Batman passed away the other day and the Boss of Los Skull is massive fan of Adam West . Hence the Tribute to Batman on his step up custom . We designed the artwork in -house , and its a full board decal or "print" ....

Dimensions are 5'10 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/16 , 26.50 litres in brief it's based of the Blend Model ,then Custom made into a mini step up board . 

Still being a relatively short board, with plenty of foam hidden thru the plan shape and especially under the chest that will allow this board to paddle really well into solid waves. Allowing the surfer to push it in solid waves but still surf tight in the pocket with  that short board feeling .

Time Out

Our main man Eden , who heads up all the logistics and customer queries, will be out of town from 23rd June till End of July. He is bound for the Banyaks and Mentawais to some dream waves in the northern part of the Indonesian archipelago ... (lucky for some).

 Time to get some tubes and test some new shooters for this guy !

The factory will still be open making boards, but all orders after 20th June you will be expecting delivery late July / Early August .

Eden's phone / email will still be working and he will do his best to answer all your queries and get back to you with updates from the factory about any boards in progress .

Sorry for the production times but quality sometimes takes a little time ... And Indonesia has been pumping and most of the workers are heading to Indo over the July period , so time to down tools and get shacked for the Formula Energy Crew !

Thinking about a new custom shooter in the near future, give us a call or email . Currently some of the performance models have been coming out 'The best ever" in performance and quality  ...

Here is few little waves of Eden on last trip in the Telos Islands..


May 04, 2017

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Board Comparison

Hybrid Fishes or small wave surfboards are all the rage at the moment  . Lets compare two of our most popular models . The Fuzz Nutz and the evergreen revamped Alien .

Formula Energy Surfboards

Left to Right Fuzz Nutz in Black and the Alien  

The Fuzz Nutz firstly has an old school Twin fin placement which is actually how originally quads came into existence. Back in the day ! It gives you option of riding as a quad or twin fin , depending on conditions .

The Fuzz Nutz has a lot of drive , a real lot , its extremely fast.
The deck is flat with a chime rail or bevelled . The flat deck line makes this board user friendly with a lot of hidden foam , then with the exaggerated rail shape still allows you to bury it !
Being a small wave board it has a flat rocker especially under the front foot ... The bottom shape single into double with a spiral V.

Fuzz Nutz fun in the by Fede @liquidbarrel

The Alien is designed in a five fin cluster , based of a conventional thruster fin placement with the added quad option . You can ride as a quad or a thruster again depending on conditions . The deck is slightly domed into a medium volume rail .
Flat entry rocker with the wide point forward allow you to ride this board short but paddle into waves easy and with confidence . The bottom shape is single into double concave giving the most consistent performance to suit all round conditions . This board is a real hybrid as some guys ride it as a groveller and other surfers swear buy it as travel board , perfect in small clean waves !

Tony locked and loaded on his Alien, Maldive gem . Photo by Ford Fotography 

One way understand the difference if we take the same dimensions 5'10 by 19 3/4 by 2 1/2 , The Alien litres are 29.17 , then the Fuzz Nutz same dimensions 31.31 over an extra litre . Of course you have to take into consideration all the other characteristic like plan-shape, rocker design , nose and tail widths and rail volumes ,  of each model but you definitely have are two super fun hybrid surfboards !

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