For Jack

 Lavender USC Performance Plus 

Jack rang me after an unseasonal swell event late in 2022 , when he realised he did not have a good step up to cover the bigger days when there is a lot of water moving around . He decided to order a USC Performance Plus , dimensions 6'6 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/16 ( 30.25 litres ).

After a detailed discussion , Jack was chasing a step up with some extra foam for those bigger days on the East Coast . 

Nice detail in the Carbon lay up 

I left plenty of foam in the nose and tail to make this board and easy paddler and generate speed easily and maintain it . The rails at 2 5/16 feel fairly low but correct for that thickness , which will still allow Jack to turn the board easy  . Just the overall foil has a tad more foam in it and a wider safety nose .

In The Bay 

The board has a custom lavender foam spray deck and bottom . Set up with Futures Five Fin , ride as thruster or quad . Jack is now well equipped for the next #swellevent !

Ride as Quad or Thruster

Bigger boards step ups and guns are fun to make , the outline, rockers and the idea of the type of waves they are going to get used in really make it exciting !

You want the paddle power , I mean you need it ! But you also want to be able to turn the board and have confidence it will turn , drive , maintain speed and all of those things you need in a good board . 

Check out these other models like the Have , Alien Step Up and MLB if you are looking to up the volume and serious about catching more waves when its  pumping !