To Use The Ski

It ain't no Cortes Banks but sometimes on the East Coast of Oz , the only way to get the good waves is to own a PWC and have good mate who can drive ! Damo and friend enjoying the tail end of winter 2022.

Damo got a custom made USC Have model for days like this at his local , tad longer than his normal short board .

Like or dislike Skis this board was inspired / designed to work off the back off the "Ski" . Most guys are doing "step offs" around here and this design  allows you to ride a smaller "step up" when on the ski , but still be confident in solid waves.



The Have kind of flys in face of the "status quo" as most people have gone down the pathway of narrower board outlines especially in the tow surfing realm. However "stepping off" the back of the ski is different , speed , angle of entry etc.

What I have found is stability is the key when you bleed of speed and try to match it with the wave you have been launched into .

Hence the Have was designed with the width up the front to assist stability, as you launch of the ski  but a pulled in tail pod and rockers to suit steeper faster waves.. Ride as thruster or quad.

 Eden , 6'5 Have fun , without a ski somewhere in Japan .

If you want to learn more about this model then click here or any other surfboard model that you are interested in contact me direct