Tweaked Step Up

Here is an Alien Step Up custom going to Oahu , Hawaii . Love making boards for return customers , keeping the faith and updating the quiver thats the way to go if you are serious about having good boards to ride .

Dims are 6'2 by 19 1/2 by 2 3/8 (30.22 litres). Premium Alien Step Up

Adjusted the tail shape to more of a round-tail at the surfers request , then the traditional round pin this model normally comes in.

Adding more width in the tail pod has the pluses of more stability and therefore more drive and overall a smoother easy board to surf. However you will lose a little hold in steeper waves and the board will be looser , but you can always just add bigger set of fins to composite if the board feels to loose ! 

Or even just ride as a quad which will give you plenty of hold and down the line drive in steeper more powerful waves. 

Rocker , foil and overall rail thickness are all the same on this Alien Step Up as listed on the site , you can check it out in 3D here.

Alien Step Up in 3D render and here is custom Alien Step up  designed and shaped into a round tail  custom, click here then on the "View Board in 3D" button to see the render.