Single Mint

MLB (MID LENGTH BEAK) Single Fin made for Wataru in Japan and a few hints and tips on how I designed this board to custom suit the surfer and go better than the rest of the Mid Length single fins out there , please read on . 

This one is 6'6 by 20 1/4 by 2 5/8 (36.50 litres) . Done in mint green foam spray with a black stringer . 

Wataru lives in Japan , so my whole focus was on Japanese waves which are really unique and often lack power and quality .

This model is the super popular MLB or Mid Length Beak . Normally I do this as a  twin but Wataru already has one of these in a twinny , 6'10 by memory . 

I added a bit more V through the tail bottom shape and changed the edge slightly to compliment the single fin and the style of waves in Japan .

He said he is stoked with the board ,which makes me feel happy !

You can check it out here on You Tube or Instagram here , thanks .