Grom Board

Making a scaled down custom board for a lightweight grommet is good challenge, and the model which most suited this young gun was the Blend which is an allrounder type of board designed for beach breaks as a semi step-down to your traditional high performance model like the Savage Model . 

First and foremost you want the board go good but also you got to make it look good . What I mean is making it look good and feel good under the arm is the challenge considering the overall plan-shape , rocker and foil etc . Some grom boards just look weird when shapers just shrink down files and don't adjust the other key points with the shaping softwares like Aku or Shaper 3D . Sure you can make adjustments whilst you are shaping the board but best to design a good file to be able to make a great accurate board , easy to replicate in the future and make adjustments for the surfer as needed. 

Grommets want they boards to look on point , but you also got to allow a little room for the kid to grow into the board but you don't want to make it a boat either . This Premium Blend is 5'3 by 18 by 2 1/8 (20.50 litres) , custom for Sion the super grommet, he is 4'6 and 25kg out of interest . 

Generally if a board looks good , feels good its goes good but also a bit of a longer rail line also helps younger surfers develop more flow in they turns which will give them more chance to develop a nice smooth style as they grow up.  Pretty stoked with the way this Blend came out and can't wait to see some footage of Sion shredding his local on it .