Clear Big Have

Here is a "Clear" big Premium Have model , dims are 6'6 by 21 1/4 by 2 3/4 (41.75 litres). 

For the trip of a lifetime you want a good board . So we worked hard to dial in a performance board for a surfer who is 6'2 , 95kg surfed all his life but is on the verge of hanging up the boots and retiring into those golden years. Not from surfing of course, from work !

Most days are spent on the mini mal or longboard so this was going to be his go to performance shooter when the swell showed up.

  Heading to Namotu , Fiji in prime swell season , in fact it was the exact week that the WSL use to run the comp back in the day before it got cancelled .

The Have has a wider outline towards the front end which allows you to paddle into waves way easier than your traditional performance surfboard ,slightly flatter rocker but overall it still has the positive features of a performance hybrid  . Once you get in the pocket or a steeper barrel section the board will hold and drive and give the release you would expect from a narrower front end style surfboard .

I recommend ordering with a few more litres of foam , the extra Inch or two especially if you are going to surf reef breaks or waves where they tends to be a lot water moving around like Cloudbreak or Namotu etc.

 The Have  "take a closer look here"