September 27, 2023

Having A Good Time

Its amazing the journey of design and the iterations of refinement  of surfboards when you have a model you look back on that took almost 5 yrs to get it right ! 

Before the lockdowns I travelled a lot , I have dragged a lot of boards through many airports and always had the Have in there , after all I never wanted to be under gunned if the waves turned on . (Indonesia 2017)

Thats why I guess I called it the Have , it was to me the ultimate step up travel board which started life as flat  minimal single concave V bottom . I soon worked out the limitations of the single concave bottom shape . Especially in more powerful waves .

Now its single into double concave with the V but not as pronounced off the tail , the outline got pulled in a tad , not much its still is wider style board up front compared to a modern performance step up gun . This gives the board much more drive in solid waves .

I wanted a good paddler under 6'6 but also something that was going to work on the open face and in the pocket. (Above Typhoon Swell Japan circa late 2017).

Keeping it under 6'6 was brought about because some Airlines especially the "Low Cost Carriers" will not take boards longer that 200cm . At 6'6 you are just a smidge over 200cm , therefore most times you are able to check your board bag in without to much hassle .


Make sure you get a 6'7 board bag something like this  no bigger if you plan to travel with the no frills airline companies . Or check diligently with the Airlines websites as it can be confusing on checked baggage size limitations 

The Have is available in the USC , Premium or DCD ranges . Thruster or Five Fin set up .

Order at least 3 inches bigger than your Performance shortboard , tad wider and smidgen thicker but we can fine tune those dimensions once you place an order . Considering litres you are contemplating  and the type of waves you are chasing . 

If you cant see one in the flesh I have a 3D program which gives you are good look at the outline , rocker and foils .

Some surfers order as five fin setup , but its fast enough as thruster in my opinion but the quad option is good especially if you are hunting fast down the line waves .

 Here is video breakdown on the Have Model with an in-depth review explanation .