Ice Blue Beak

Here is an Ice Blue Resin Tint on a MLB or Mid Length Beak . Dimensions are 6'5 by 20 1/4 by 2 1/2 around 34.50 litres 

One of the amazing things about the quality of this work with our resin tint specialist laminator is the weights are extremely close to a plain / clear surfboard , in-fact in some cases lighter . Despite even having a 3/4 Deck patch insert and a 1/4 insert bottom patch around the fins .

Looking for a unique stand out surfboard then a Resin Tint custom may be for you . Features of this high end style traditional resin work are :

  • Super clean cut lap
  • Customised unique colour all hand mixed / made . 
  • Infinite colour palette available .
  • 3/4 deck patch (strength and good looks).
  • 1/4 bottom patch over the Future Fin Boxes . Great way to stylishly reinfore your twin fin boxes.  
  • Colour tints are UV resistance quality , keep your board looking fresh . Coloured resin ages better than clear resin . 

Go to You Tube "Shorts" to see the deck and bottom in more detail 

watch on youtube " 

Interested in some unique artwork or resin tint style click here to see our range or contact us direct if you have particular colour or design you want on your next custom surfboard .

Over the summer plan to do a lot more resin tint boards , so stay tuned . Or check them out on our "socials" too.