Hermes Orange

Banged out another deluxe finish on this Fresh Fish Model . Dimesions are 5'8 by 20 1/2 by 2 7/16 (34.23 litres) . Read on to learn about what went into making this surfboard . 

The last three blog posts you may have noticed a series of full polish high end finished surfboards which were all custom requests right down to the fine details of style of surfboard , dimension's and colour etc . 
We stumbled across this Orange whilst in the process of design and it seems its close to the power fashion House Of Hermes 
Hope you like the finishes which are full polish finishes , with cut laps which is a highly skilled process , that need to be done at the perfect time to achive a clean colour / lap line on the deck .
A cutlap is used when adding resin tint or pigment to the laminating resin. If glassing the bottom of the board, the lap on the deck is first taped off on with masking tape along the outline of the board, about 1“ to 1 ½" in from the apex of the rail. 
The deck also has 3/4 insert for aesthitic but most importantly to add a little deck strength to slow down wear and tear from footwells and depressions .
The bottom has  1/4 patch over the fin box , that adds strength to the Fin boxes and is recommended on twin fins , especially keel fin set ups .
Also you may have noticed they is no leg-rope plug ! But a "roving" bridge over the swallow tail . Again a custom made old school set up . Which looks good but most importantly gets the leg-rope out of the way and it allows you to get your back foot right over the keel fins and thats a must to surf this style of board well .
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Or if you want to see up close , contact these guys :

 Familio Folkloro Tateyama Hotel in Minamiboso Southern Chiba. 

81-17 Oka, Tateyama, Chiba . They got a couple of different models on display.