Pale Turquoise Mid Length

A Custom resin tint MLB (Mid Length) done in high specs finish  ! The colour is a pale turquoise resin tint

The Pale Turquoise resin tint with high end finish which includes 3/4 deck patch , 1/4 bottom patch and cut lap. FCS 2 fin boxes . 

 This custom MLB or Mid Length beak ,dimensions are 6'4 by 20 1/4 by 2 7/16 (33.23 litres).

Resin bridge was used instead of a normal legrope plug . Its'  also a custom made from a sold panel of resin then hand designed  and glassed on .
Its intricate work but well worth it , "aesthetically" but also performance wise as it gets the leg-rope out of the way by having it attached way back on the board . 

Get down to this place Familio Folkloro Tateyama Hotel in Minamiboso Southern Chiba. To check this board out in the flesh .

81-17 Oka, Tateyama, Chiba . They got a couple of different models on display.

Or check it out on Youtube #shorts  or on our Facebook