Missing Link

Can a twin fin sit next to your thruster in the quiver ? Maybe even replace it . Well this Modern Performance Twin Fin Surfboard , is the Lil Beak  and its made to do just that !

Explained in detail the design of a twin fin surfboard that may change your opinion on what a twinny can do ! 

 I have been working on a lot of different styles and variations of twin fins the last couple of years . Essentially the inspiration is / was to make a performance twin fin that will sit in the quiver to ride in really good waves with confidence as a performance style of board to genuinely replace the everyday go to thrusters

I mean you don't have to punt the thruster just yet ! This may change your views of twinnys and where they sit in the quiver !

This performance "shortboard" successor called the Lil Beak named after the little beak nose it carries .

Lil Beak Features :

  • Modern Outline albeit slight more width through the nose.
  • Beak Nose (adds bit more foam up front).
  • Modern Performance rocker , little flatter to compliment the twin fin drive .
  • Rails are medium to mid low again all about performance .
  • Exaggerated pulled in hip tail pod into a small swallow tail design .

Essentially made to sit right next to your performance thruster in the quiver . Not to replace your thruster but to you are eager to expand the quiver into this direction , I highly suggest you take a good look at the Lil Beak (Video here) !

I am up to my six or seventh version , in designing and probably a good two years  into this journey of making a true performance twinny
I have ridden these twin fins all around the world from in my backyard on the east coast of Australia to the Maldives perfection , Japan and Indonesia ! If you re looking to mix it up  and grow in your surfing and want user friendly board the take a good look at the all new Lil Beak .
None of these are designed to replace the tri-fin but more for people who are looking to expand there surfing and go a different way .
Once you get start riding good twin fins in all types of waves you really don't miss thrusters at all . In fact the trailer fin really makes the board feel slow . 


If you are little apprehensive about jumping over to the dark side and all out twin fin. Then I suggest you order as "two plus one" that way you have the option to add the small rear trailer to some big upright twins . 

But Straight Twin is the way to go !

Available as a straight twin fin or Two Plus One set up . Watch the video here on on YouTube to explain the Lil Beak in detail . 

USC - $895