February 01, 2019

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Fun In The Sun

Mike has been having a lot fun is the sun over in Western Australia .

Mike has a cool little quiver of Formula Energy Surfboards. A 6'3 by 19 3/4 by 2 3/4 Premium Savage (33.57 litres). A USC Old Faithful , 6'1 by 20 by 2 3/4 (33.84 litres) and A Premium Fuzz Nutz which is 6'0 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/8 (35 litres).

We kept his boards around the 33 litres mark for the performance end and fine tuned the dimensions depending on the model and type of waves Mike would be chasing on that particular board . With the Fuzz Nutz being primarily designed for smaller less powerful waves we made it 35 litres , just to give it a little more float on those smaller days !

Above: Giving his Savage a run on nice clean wall

Blend From All Angles

The best beach break performer in the Formula Energy line up, THE BLEND web page has had a little make over. 

Couple of new images highlighting the rocker and outline. Click here to check the Blend out in the USC Range or the Premium Range starting from $695 

Order your custom now and get it delivered for FREE !

Here is the Chub !

After some serious research and development  ...A brand new model added to the range .

Looking for a little extra foam in your surfboard ? But still love to bury that rail with speed and flow ?

Welcome to The Premium Chub !

Which features lower entry rocker , foam in the right places making this an easy paddler , with its single to double concave bottom for instant speed , flow and release through your turns . 

The setup is Single Flyers narrowing the tail pod then into a swallow which allows plenty of release throughout your turns but with hold and drive.

Designed to be a  great all-rounder , perfect travel surfboard and probably the most user friendly conventional pointy nose surfboard in the range !

Grommet Special

Custom 5'4 for Will who stands around 4'2 and weighs in 30 kgs. Will has been killing it on the the DCD Demon model and at Six years old is progressing really quick ..

Check him out styling at the Pass in Byron Bay 

We based this custom of the Alien style fish plan-shape with your rounder nose and a lot of foam carried forward .

However Will wanted the look of a more traditional performance pointy nose surfboard .

 We created a new outline , rounded of the nose , softened all the pointy dangerous bits to keep Mum happy avoiding any injuries and designed the Surfboard to allow Will to progress and grow into the board able to catch waves with ease and confidence but still able to duckdive and paddle out with his other frothing super GROMMET mates 

And of course custom art work is the character Johnny Test ... The kids favourite cartoon at the moment !

Crazy Convert

This little blade is going to leave its mark with its fluorescent racing stripes colour combination .

The Convert model surfboard kind of battles with the super popular Blend model but with its wider tail pod, semi fuller rail volume, and overall litres, it can be ridden  a lot shorter . Its super fast and stable and offers a lot of drive out of turns but has a unique release with the double flyers squash tail set up .

 It's  now available in the Premium Range as well as its original design the patented carbon rail techonolgy USC Range. You now have the option of of the stringer-less carbon rail or the more traditional with central wooden stringer . 

More information about the this small wave foam block of fun click here !

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